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MLife Engineering Limited/德鑄工程有限公司

Hong Kong company -MLife Engineering Limited registered in Sham Shui Po, located on the Wing Hong Street. It has been operating for 11 month 2 days. You can browse the English name, registration number, date of establishment, date of change of MLife Engineering Limited for free.

Company Information / 公司資訊
  • Register Number/注冊編號: 2916283
  • Chinese Name/中文名稱: 德鑄工程有限公司
  • English Name/英文名稱: MLife Engineering Limited
  • Date of Establishment/成立日期: 2020-02-14
  • Registered Area/註冊地:Kowloon/九龍
  • Administrative Division/行政分區:Sham Shui Po/深水埗
  • Sub District/下級分區:Cheung Sha Wan/長沙灣
  • Street/街道:Wing Hong Street/永康街
  • Office Building/辦公大廈:Browse-查看  🚶
  • Company Category/公司類別Private Company Limited by Shares/私人股份有限公司
  • Active Status/公司現狀Live/仍註冊
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  • Update On/更新日期:2020-07-31 10:10:34
More Information/更多詳情
  • Register of Charges/押記登記冊Unavailable/無
  • Date of Annual Examination/年審日期:成立次年之後,每年02月14日至03月26日
  • Name of History/歷史名稱
    MLife Engineering Limited

  • 由於時間或信息公開形式存在差異可能會導致資訊與客觀事實不完全一致,如您需要該司最新資訊,建議您購買公司報告。
    Due to differences in time or information disclosure format, the information may not be completely consistent with objective facts. It is recommended that you purchase the company report if you need the latest information from the company.

  • 📄Data Customization(數據定制)
  • Including: Company Address, First Shareholder, Current Shareholders, First Director, Current Director, First Secretary, Current Secretary, Company Issued and Paid-up Share Capital, Shareholding Ratio of Current Shareholders
  • 信息包括:公司地址,首任股東,現任股東,首任董事,現任董事,首任秘書,現任秘書,公司發行及實繳股本,現任股東持股比例。
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  • 📄Brief Version Sample(“簡略版樣本”)
  • Including the company background, main stuff(first shareholder, first and current secretary, etc), and company risk information, etc.
  • 信息包括:企業背景,主要人員(首任股東,首任及現任秘書等),該公司風險信息等資料。
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  • 📄Detailed Version Sample(“詳細版樣本”)
  • Including company background, main stuff(details of the company's first and current secretary, details of the company's first and current shareholders, first and current directors), and the number of companies and company name of one director in Hong Kong for free, company risk and patent related information. etc.
  • 信息包括:企業背景,主要人員(公司首任及現任秘書的詳細信息,公司首任及現任股東,公司首任及現任董事信息),並包含一名董事在港名下公司數量及公司名稱,公司風險及專利等相關資訊。
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  • 📄企業信用報告(Credit Report)
  • Including business Highlights(Identification, Highlights, Financial factors), Risk Assessment(Risk Evaluation, Credit Risk Evaluation Parameters, Payment Information. This item is determined based on the company's financial report), Relevant Events(Negative Events), Financial Information(Listed Company), Business Management(Management), Business Relationship(Shareholders, Business Structure), Activity Features(Activity/Operation, Company Registry, Bank Connections), Additional Information.
  • 信息包括:業務摘要(企業基本信息識別,摘要,財務因素),風險分析(評估,信用風險評估參數,支付信息,請注意,該項依據獲取企業財報情況來定),相關事項,財務信息(上市公司),業務管理(管理層信息),業務關係(股東,業務架構),特徵(運營,企業登記,關聯銀行),附加信息。
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  • FAQS
    • When was Hong Kong company MLife Engineering Limited founded?
    • Founded year of Hong Kong company MLife Engineering Limited is 2020.
    • Where is Hong Kong company MLife Engineering Limited’s located address?
    • Hong Kong company MLife Engineering Limited is located in Wing Hong Centre, Cheung Sha Wan, Kowloon.
    • How many employees does Hong Kong company MLife Engineering Limited have?
    • The number of employees of Hong Kong company MLife Engineering Limited is Unavailable.
    • How many directors does Hong Kong company MLife Engineering Limited have? What's the name?
    • Directors of Hong Kong company MLife Engineering Limited are Unavailable.