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Hong Kong Dataset Launches Hong Kong Company Credit Report

        NewsletterUS President Trump announced on the 14th local time that he has signed the so-called "Hong Kong Autonomy Act" into law and will impose sanctions on Chinese entities and individuals who "help limit Hong Kong's autonomy." He also said that he had signed an executive order to end the special treatment granted to Hong Kong.


    Hong Kong databasesets, the current number of users has exceeded 100,000 / month, Hong Kong databasesets, currently publicly displayed data includes but not limited to Hong Kong company's registered address, street, building, trademark information, number of employees, Turnover, directors and other information, and our team is still working hard to integrate relevant data to ensure that users can get more company content on this site. Our partner CRIF, whose name is CRIF (Shanghai) Business Information Service Co., Ltd, is currently the leading group in the bank credit information market in continental Europe, and in terms of corporate and commercial information and credit and marketing management services, it is One of the major international operators, in 50 countries and regions around the world, 6,300 banks and financial institutions, more than 55,000 corporate customers and more than 310,000 consumers use CRIF services every day.

    Now let's introduce the Hong Kong company credit report that will be launched by the Hong Kong databasesets. At present, the sample content that our staff learned from CRIF's Echo mainly includes the following points.

    Some basic information about Hong Kong companies, the following:

1.Credit Rating Illustration. In the credit report, there will be a total of 7 credit ratings, and the meaning of the rating and the recommended credit limit will be explained in detail in the status column.

2.Credit Rating Evaluation Factors. However, it should be noted that if CRIF cannot obtain sufficient information for evaluation, they will not give a credit rating, but this does not necessarily cause a negative impact on the company under investigation.

3.Common Type of Legal Status of Companies in HK & their Basic Characteristics

    The content of the main report of the target Hong Kong company:

1.Enterprise’s Basic Information Introduction

2.Legal Status & History, including General Information, Address Change, Directors Change, Company Secretary, Annual Report Last Time, Current Shareholders and Directors

3.Ownership/Management Backgroup, including Director Basic Information, Civil Litigation, etc

4.Opration, including Industrial Classification, Overview, Operation Briefing, Purchasing activities, Office, Staff, etc

5.Affiliate, including Affiliate Basic Information, Civil Litigation

6.Field Visit Details, including Office Layout, Conditions Inside The Premises, Finance, Banking Information

7.Public Records, including Civil Litigation, Registered Charge/Mortgage

8.Public Records (CON’D), including Mortgage Index, Secured Indebtedness, Trade Record

9.Miscellaneous Information

10.Risk Rating, including Risk Level, Risk Class

11.Reputation& Business Trend


        Regarding the price and time, the current single price of CRIF for external sales is 2000-2500 yuan, and the production cycle is 8-12 working days (generally, it can be completed within 8 working days). If it is urgent, you can Shorten 2 working days, its price is 1.5 times the normal price, under urgent circumstances, you can shorten 2 working days, its price is twice the normal price, the Hong Kong data set will try its best to strive for a suitable and preferential price for customers.

    Regarding language issues, currently only two sample presentations in Chinese and English are provided, but if the company credit report you purchased does not provide any explanation, we will provide you with an English version. If you need a Chinese version, you will need to purchase additional 200 yuan fee (2-3 additional working days), if you need a Japanese report, you need to purchase an additional 400 yuan fee (4-5 additional working days), please know!



List of Hong Kong Companies:

Hong Kong Company Report:

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