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中天電器工程行/C & T ELECTRIC CO

This is the information of C & T ELECTRIC CO(Daily Update), its expiry date is 28/03/2022, this page shows C & T ELECTRIC CO registered electrical contractor number, phone, address, etc.

注册電業承辦商登記號碼/REC No.: 002016
英文名稱/English Name: C & T ELECTRIC CO
中文名稱/Chinese Name: 中天電器工程行
註冊有效到期日/Expiry Date: 28/03/2022
電話/Telephone: 28160209
地址/Address: FLAT B2, 12/F.,CHEUNG FAT BUILDING,7-9 HILL ROAD, SAI YING PUN, H.K.<BR>香港西環山道7-9號長發大廈12字樓B2室