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這是 耀意有限公司的詳情頁,它的牌照號碼為TC007561,您還可以查看它的營業地址及相關備註信息。
This is the information of SILVER CONCEPT LIMITED, its license number is TC007561, you can also view its business address and related notes.

牌照編號/License No.: TC007561
持牌人的中文名稱/Name of TCSP Licensee in Chinese: 耀意有限公司
持牌人的英文名稱/Name of TCSP Licensee in English: SILVER CONCEPT LIMITED
營業地址/Business Address: 12/F, 3 LOCKHART ROAD, WAN CHAI, HONG KONG
中文備註/Remarks in Chinese: 無/NONE
英文備註/Remarks in English: 無/NONE