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海港城「海運觀點」/Ocean Terminal Deck - Harbour City

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簡介:位於海港城海運大廈新擴建大樓頂層的全新觀景台 —「海運觀點」現已免費開放予公眾。樓高五層的新大樓位處維多利亞港中心、三面環海、坐落於海運大廈末端,享有獨特優越地理位置。其位置臨海向西,坐擁270度維港景色,眺望香港島及九龍半島兩岸美景,是欣賞香港日落和夜景的最佳地點,定必成為香港的新地標。
郵箱:[email protected]
Name:Ocean Terminal Deck - Harbour City
Introduction:Located at the rooftop of Ocean Terminal new extension building of Harbour City, the Observatory Deck named “Ocean Terminal Deck” is now open to the public for free. It is a five-storey complex situated at the end of Ocean Terminal and surrounded by the sea with its prime location extending to the centre of Victoria Harbour. Built alongside the sea with 270-degree panorama of Victoria Harbour overlooking the breathtaking views of Hong Kong Island and Kowloon, it has become the best venue to enjoy Hong Kong’s sunset and evening views, and will certainly be a new iconic landmark and tourist attraction of Hong Kong. Harbour City is keen on bringing various restaurants to open in Hong Kong for the first time. And tenants of this extension building are mainly dining outlets, each with stunning harbour views and alfresco dining area enabling customers to enjoy the glamorous views of Victoria Harbour while savouring high-quality global cuisines.
Address:Ocean Terminal Deck, Harbour City, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon
Email:[email protected]