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Nepal Restaurant & Bar

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名稱:Nepal Restaurant & Bar
簡介:傳統尼泊爾料理源自印度境內,用來招待皇室貴族的宮廷料理,經過逾200年的發展,演變成為口味濃重而精緻的尼泊爾美食。Nepal Restaurant & Bar提供傳統尼泊爾料理,客人還可以按自己的口味選擇不同的辣度。
郵箱:[email protected]
Name:Nepal Restaurant & Bar
Introduction:Nepalese cuisine has been known for its diverse and flavourful food for more than 200 years. The royal cuisine was known as the deluxe bhojan offered to royal guests from the different states according to their own tradition. Over the years, it has evolved into a great variety of tastes and refinement. Nepal Restaurant & Bar offers you these diverse Royal Nepalese cuisines and you can choose your own level of spiciness from mild, medium hot, to very hot.
Address:G/F, 14 Staunton Street, Central, Hong Kong Island
Email:[email protected]