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8th Estate 釀酒莊, 香港/The 8th Estate Winery

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名稱:8th Estate 釀酒莊, 香港
簡介:8th Estate 釀酒莊是香港第一個專業釀酒莊。我們的理念就是從世界各地入口嚴選葡萄,釀出最佳品質的葡萄酒。8th Estate 釀酒莊是唯一一個在亞洲位於城市中的釀酒莊,讓每一個訪客在品嚐由本地出品的美酒之時,也能親目並了解做酒的細節,使訪客更享受每一口的優質佳釀,亦能感受到香港人生活的態度及獨特品味。
郵箱:[email protected]
Name:The 8th Estate Winery
Introduction:We are Hong Kong's first and only winery. Our concept is simple. Source the best ingredients and make the best wine. We have done this by creating something no one else has in Asia: a fully functional urban winery. At the 8th Estate Winery, we are offering an exclusive and unique lifestyle experience. We want to share our knowledge, taste and passion for wine. We have created an environment for participation, learning and development, all for the purpose of enhancing the enjoyment of fine wine.
Address:Room 306, Harbour Industrial Centre, 10 Lee Hing Street, Ap Lei Chau, Hong Kong Island
Email:[email protected]