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Mendoza bags & luggage

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名稱:Mendoza bags & luggage
簡介:mendoza從事生產高質素公事包及行李箱已超過四分一世紀,不單只着重袋的設計,還有袋的質量、靈活性及多元化。 mendoza會乘着過去的成功來進行改革,不斷地改善及着重於全球發展。
郵箱:[email protected]
Name:Mendoza bags & luggage
Introduction:mendoza has been making quality bags and luggage for over a quarter of a century. Quality, flexibility and versatility have always been the key that mendoza will keep up in a rapidly changing world. In the future, mendoza consolidates the successes of the past and focus on the global development.
Address:16/F, Chung Kiu Godown Building, 63-71 Lei Muk Road, Kwai Chung, New Territories
Email:[email protected]