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Fare Limited(Company Register Number: 3171255)

Fare Limited is a Hong Kong company. This page displays the Chinese name, English name, registration number, business registration number, company status, change history, establishment date, name change date of Fare Limited. It has been operating for 1 year 9 month 1 days.
Fare Limited是一家香港公司,該頁面展示了Fare Limited的中文名稱、英文名稱、注冊編號、成立日期、改名日期等。 已经成立了1年9个月1天。

Company Information / 公司資訊
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More Information/更多詳情
  • Register of Charges/押記登記冊:
  • Date of Annual Examination/年審日期: 成立次年之後,每年07月12日至08月22日. A private company is required to file an annual return within 42 days after the first anniversary of its incorporation. In addition, according to section 662 of the Companies Ordinance, if a company fails to comply with the provision, the company and every responsible person of the company are liable to prosecution and, if convicted, default fines. The maximum penalty is HK$50,000 for each breach and, in the case of a continuing offence, a daily default fine of HK$1,000.
  • Name of History/歷史名稱:
    Fare Limited
    Fare Limited

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Business Card Sample / 名片樣本
Related Information Recommendation / 相關信息推薦
  • When was Hong Kong company Fare Limited founded?
  • Founded year of Hong Kong company Fare Limited is 2022-07-12.
  • Where is Hong Kong company Fare Limited’s located address? How to get to?
  • Hong Kong company Fare Limited is located in Unavailable.
  • How many directors does Hong Kong company Fare Limited have? What's the name?
  • Directors of Hong Kong company Fare Limited are Unavailable. 🛰Wanna More?